Our Free In-depth Podcasting & Audio Book Courses, will take the Individual who has no knowledge whatsoever concerning the Art of recording audio and equip them with the skills to mix, mastering and produce a professional audio file.

When you are finished with this course, recording will be as familiar to you, as breathing! Everything taught in this live, hands-on, in your face audio course, will revolve around the Recommended Standards from the Audio Engineering Society, (AES), concerning streaming audio. Rendering at an -16 to -20 LUFS with an LRA (Loudness Range) of 4dbs as well as a -1dbTP, all with a +0.5db tolerance range as well as meeting the high demands of the ACX for Audio Books.

Audio Software. (DAWS = Digital Audio Work Station). I use Reaper. I have also used Audacity for over 15 years. I have used Avid Pro Tools, Garage Band and Steinberg Cubase. I am convinced that Reaper just blows these other DAWs away.

I have been recording the spoken word since 1977. During this time, the term “Podcasting”, had not even been conceived of. YouTube, Twitter, Smart Phones and Personal Websites, did not exist and were years away from being thought of or developed. Audio Books were not even conceived of.

Reaper is used by Professionals in the Audio Industry that have won major awards from Movie Sound Tracks to the Grand Old Opry. It cost $60.00 and you can try Reaper for free for 60 days, with NO LIMITATIONS! Reaper was the vision of Justin Frankel.


We will be using a Conference Call Center with Individuals who will be participating. When you are signed in, you will be able to listen, talk, ask questions as well as interact via audio or video. To sign in, you need to provide your name and e-mail address. We DO NOT store this information. Your e-mail is required so when we have finished our class, you will receive a notice where you can go and download the audio or video, for future reference.


Our curriculum for this course will consist of many different aspects concerning Podcasting and the ACX requirements. When you finish this course, the items below will have the mystery removed and you will be able to render your audio file in a professional manner. We will be discussing:
  • Learning the basics of using Reaper DAW to record, mix and master your audio to meet the AES Recommended Standards for streaming audio.
  • Learning the difference between a true USB Audio Interface and a USB Sound Board that only provides a left and right channel input.
  • How to eliminate plosives without wasting your money on a Pop Filter.
  • How to determine your combined noise floor by separating your background noise from your equipment noise floor.
  • How to set up and use FX controls both pre and post recording.
  • How to choose the proper microphone based on your location as well as your surroundings and equipment.
  • How to add album art to your audio file to promote your brand when others download or play your audio using certain Pod Catchers / Programs.
  • How to make your primary recording using an External Digital Recorder as you also record into your PC.
  • How to use proper gain staging.
What others have to say:

In spite of the fact that my everyday work is an audio engineering for the National Theater (Wikipedia) in my country (Bosnia), this Podcasting Course has been the most educational and most valuable time ever spent in my life. I was blown away by simple and easy-to-comprehend methods that really open up a whole new world when recording and processing our audio files. National Theater Website. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work Dana! God bless you. Sani Terzic.

I own a small real estate company in Maine. I have been wanting to start a podcast about our services. After searching, reading and watching videos, I gave up on the idea. I follow someone who follows Dana on Twitter. I came to his free podcasting page and WOW! I signed up. After 3, 2hr face to face sessions, everything he said would happen, happened. Bottom line, Dana is a man of his word and I am grateful to have been his student. Linda K.

Dana is very knowledgeable about “All- Things” Podcasting. He is tech-savvy and offers creative tips and techniques. He instructed me on some ways to improve the quality of some of my sound recordings by using my iPhone. Dana’s experience and skill in this area are an asset to anyone looking to use his services. If you are looking for a Podcast Specialist……. look no further than Dana! – Highly Recommend! Kat Marquis, Esq.

I work for a Christian nonprofit ministry to the military, and one of our newest initiatives is to get a podcast up and running in order to provide an encouraging word and to equip our men and women in uniform. Podcasting is a little more complex than just hooking up a mic and pressing record. Dana has been invaluable in filling in those gaps, from equipment set up to audio editing and podcasting best practices. I know I speak for my team members when I say: Thank you, Dana! God bless. Josh J.