You will NOT be assisted on this site if you:

We have very few requirements and if you fail to do them, we WILL NOT reply back to your post.
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You will NOT be assisted on this site if you:

Post by Dana » Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:38 am

- - - Welcome to our Community! - - -
If you are in the process of starting a podcast or learning how to meet the ACX requirements, this forum may contain information that will help you. Before you post any questions or comments, please take a few moments to follow these steps - keep in mind that any print in bold type means we need you to pay attention - We didn't just randomly bold things unless we considered them important.

Here is what we ask that you do BEFORE POSTING:

Many newcomers neglect to supply the information we need and we have to keep asking for. It is time consuming on our part and we are truly tired of asking for it. Therefore, we have decided not to answer ANYONE who doesn't comply. This is not arrogance on our part, it's based on TIME. It takes us much longer to help someone who doesn't even bother to read these simply rules. We simply do not HAVE that much time (never did). We are all unpaid volunteers here and we want to help you as we all truly LOVE what we do. So we have no choice but to only help those who pay attention and show that they really do want help. We will only help members who put in the effort to read and comply with these rules.

The effort you put into your question(s) is the effort we will put into our answers'. If you have 0 knowledge, say so! NOBODY will make fun of your questions. We are sorry it has to be like this, but that's the way it is. Bottom line is this - if you are willing to put in the effort, so are we. Members who don't even bother to fill in their profile normally get no response at all! If you get no response to your first post, then this is the most likely the reason. If you think you have something that would benefit forum members, and want to offer it for sale, FIRST CONTACT DANA BY PM AND ASK FOR HIS OK!

There are only a few simple rules:

Edit your profile to include your location. This is very important, because this forum is a worldwide resource, and as such, material costs and availability vary widely, as do import restrictions. For example, if you live in a country that the USA has banned from Exports/Imports, than we don't need to spend out time telling you where you can buy it within our borders. We're not asking for your address or credit card number: just a country and city will do.

This does NOT mean that you should just mention your location in a post at some point, or in the title of your thread, or put it in your signature. It means that you need to fill it in in your PROFILE. If you don't get any replies to your posts, then check to make sure that your location is filled in properly IN YOUR USER PROFILE.

You MUST introduce yourself within 3 days of registration. Start your first post with an overview of your goals and where you are in the process. Are you just learning? Wanting to know what gear you will need? Are you just doing some research? Did you follow someones advice and wanna know why it doesn't work like they promised you? :cry:

Include as much detail as possible about your existing conditions. Having details about the anatomy of your existing floor, walls, and ceiling is critical. By "detail", I mean enough detail so I might be able to go buy materials and actually BUILD a nearly identical version of your recording environment. Details about the types of wall material, carpeted or hardwood floors. Apartment complex or sitting on 10 acres. Without that level of detail we can't recommend much of anything. We need to understand what you have in order to help you.

Remember that acoustics is THREE DIMENSIONAL, not two - when you give dimensions, we need Length, Width, and Height. We also need to know about any non-parallel features of the room like bump outs. Are there any exterior walls? Can you hear your neighbors TV through your walls? Include pictures of what you're describing if at all possible. They do not need to be professional but they do need to account for the necessary details. Re-size all photos, drawings, graphs, and other images as necessary to keep the size between 700 and 750 pixels wide - otherwise it's either too small to see the details, or it forces people to scroll sideways to read every line of text. Please post ALL pictures directly to this forum instead of linking to them.

There are far too many cases on many forums, in older threads, of pictures that are no longer visible because the off-site link moved, closed down, went out of business. When new members want to read and learn from those old threads, they can't follow things because the pictures are no longer there. Posting your pictures HERE ensures that others get the help YOU got when you were asking for help as well.

Please do not post L-O-N-G links. Long links will also cause people to scroll sideways to read every line of text. Please watch this video explaining how easy it is to avoid this using phpbb. Group your actual questions last, at the end of your post, and put each question in its own paragraph. This makes it easier to respond to each of your questions. This saves us a HUGH amount of time. Please be as specif as your knowledge will allow you to be.

What is your Budget? Without knowing this, we have no idea if we are wasting our breath suggesting things that you cannot afford, or just as bad, not suggesting useful things that you can afford. Saying that your budget is "small", "REALLY tight", "reasonable", etc, is no use whatsoever. Comments like "under $500", "prefer to keep it under $2,000 but can go more if necessary", "$5,000-$10,000 MAXIMUM", will give us a clue for realistic suggestions.

...and finally...

Again, we welcome you to our community and we wish YOU nothing but success with your new and amazing decision to work with audio! ;)

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